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New Feature: File Scraper

In our continued effort to enable everyone to convert anything to a Spotify playlist, we realized that there is a need for something even more generic than the textbox we already support. We're happy to announce Spotlistr's new File Scraper functionality! Try it out now and read on to learn more!

This is most useful for websites that have lists of links to Spotify albums/tracks but don't have a well-defined API for us to read from in Spotlistr. Think of sites like forums, music review publications, or even charting websites.

Before this, you needed to go through each link manually to add it to Spotify. Now, you just need to have the file (which you can easily get by saving the individual HTML page) and use it in our File Scraper. Spotlistr will automatically find and add any Spotify Tracks or Albums in any of the following example formats:

Give it a try now! We hope this is helpful on your music finding adventures!
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