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New Feature: Spotify Stats Generator

Did you know that Spotify keeps stats of your top Tracks and Artists? Now you can learn what Spotify knows about your listening habits with our new Spotify Stats Generator feature! It will show your top Artists or Tracks for the last 4 weeks, last 12 months, or overall time period. Give it a try now!

New Feature: File Scraper

In our continued effort to enable everyone to convert anything to a Spotify playlist, we realized that there is a need for something even more generic than the textbox we already support. We're happy to announce Spotlistr's new File Scraper functionality! Try it out now and read on to learn more!

New Feature: Grid Generator

We're making it even easier to share your music taste in a fun and quick way, with Grids! Our generator is the fastest, and most customizable Grid generator on the Internet. Get started now and read on to learn more!

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