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Spotify Stats and Grid Improvements

We've been seeing a ton of usage of both the Spotify Stats and Grid generator features of Spotlistr, so we've decided to make them even better with 3 new enhancements!
1. A new "Compact List" image type, which shows the top 25 artists, tracks, or albums all at once.
2. Our Grid generator now allows for grids that go up to 10x10, all for free unlike some other services!
3. We've improved the outputted image quality across the board!
Give it a try for yourself with our Spotify Stats generator and our Grid generator!

Half Year Spotify Stats Now Available!

We've made it to the midpoint of the year! Now is the perfect opportunity to take a look at the artists and tracks that you've listened to the most over the last 6 months. With Spotlistr's Spotify Stats Generator, you can see this in just a single click. Create your Half Year Spotify Stats now!

New Feature: Spotify Stats Generator

Did you know that Spotify keeps stats of your top Tracks and Artists? Now you can learn what Spotify knows about your listening habits with our new Spotify Stats Generator feature! It will show your top Artists or Tracks for the last 4 weeks, last 12 months, or overall time period. Give it a try now!

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