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New Feature: Grid Generator

We're making it even easier to share your music taste in a fun and quick way, with Grids! Our generator is the fastest, and most customizable Grid generator on the Internet. Get started now and read on to learn more!

What are Grids?

A longstanding tradition on music forums and social media apps is sharing a 3x3 image of one's most listened to albums over the last week. It's a quick, visual way to show off one's amazing music taste!

Example 3x3 Grid

Customize Your Grid

Spotlistr's Grid generator is the most customizable including the ability to:

  • Create 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and even 6x6 Grids
  • Show/Hide Artist Name
  • Show/Hide Album Name
  • Show/Hide Play Count
  • Show/Hide Grid Metadata

And the best part? The Grid updates in real-time!

What's Next?

We're considering expanding our Grid generator to include most listened to Artists next. We're also exploring ways to generate Grids based off of Spotify data!

Go ahead and create your Grid now. Feel free to tag us on Twitter @Spotlistr

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