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How Spotlistr Uses Spotlistr to Find New Music

We first built Spotlistr in 2014 to solve a problem: combine the music discovery capabilities of services across the internet with the exceptional listening experience of Spotify. It should be no surprise that we at Spotlistr utilize Spotlistr all the time. But how we use it has slowly evolved. For the first time since we launched in 2014, we're here to show you how we at Spotlistr use Spotlistr to find new music.

  1. Weekly Reddit Custom Feed (Multireddit) Playlists

    One of the more novel ways to use Reddit is to create Custom Lists (formerly called Multireddits). There are a ton of really great music-focused subreddits, but subscribing to all of the ones that interest you may be overwhelming.

    This is where Custom Feeds come in handy. We created a Custom List of our favorite music subreddits, and then every Sunday we fire up Spotlistr's Custom Feed search and create a playlist of the top 5 posts from each one of the Subreddits in our Custom Feed.

    That means every week we have a brand new playlist of user-curated music tailored to our liking. What we've found makes this such an enticing playlist is that Reddit users post a mixture of brand new music, and the classics. Every week our Reddit Custom Feed playlist is a mixture of classics we love and discoveries we're bound to enjoy.

  2. YouTube Playlists Based on Moods

    YouTube is fantastic for watching videos but we find the interface for listening to curated playlists of music quite clunky, and the audio quality on YouTube pales in comparison to what Spotify offers. On the other hand, the YouTube community has done an amazing job at building a ton of playlists that perfectly fit moods. The power of Spotlistr is the ability to utilize these YouTube playlists in the superior listening environment of Spotify.

    When we find a playlist that really speaks to our mood, we jump right over to Spotlistr's YouTube search and create a Spotify playlist in just a few seconds!

  3. Weekly Top Tracks Similar Playlists

    We love and have been users of their site since when it was called AudioScrobbler back in 2005! Since we are data nerds, we use to track what we listen to and constantly reference their personally created charts. Because has a wealth of musical information we can leverage it to create playlists based on songs we're currently loving.

    Every week we utilize Spotlistr's Top Tracks Similar search, input our username, and create a playlist based on the results! This playlist is guaranteed to be full of personally curated hits of songs you may or may not have heard before!

  4. Textbox Search for Setlists

    As fans of all things live music, we often want to listen to the setlist put together by an artist. We love scouring YouTube comments, or websites like to find setlists and utilize Spotlistr's Textbox search to convert it to a Spotify playlist for convenient listening. As fans of electronic music, we utilize this feature constantly!

These are just a few of the ways that Spotlistr uses Spotlistr to find new music! We're always finding new sources for music discovery, and new ways to utilize Spotlistr so we fully expect to write more articles like this in the future.

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